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Getting to know each other

No-obligation chat over coffee

I understand that selecting a business mentor is a big decision, so I have designed my approach to give you plenty of time to get to know me and my working style well.

First up, I suggest an obligation-free chat over coffee. Meet up, get to know each other a little bit. Does the chemistry work? As you describe your unique business situation, I can start to form a view about whether I can help you and if so, what that might look like.


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Complimentary Diagnostic

Where do you need help most?

The next step would be for me to take you through my proprietary diagnostic tool. This normally takes 60-90 minutes, and again is obligation-free. This helps us to form a more detailed picture of where you and your business stand in each of the eight management practices (see How I Can Help).


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Service Design

Tailoring a solution to suit you

Once we’ve had a chance to digest the results of the diagnostic, we would have one more obligation-free meeting where we agree on your top priorities for improvement in the eight management practices.


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Decision Time!

You decide what happens next

Based on our discussions,  I prepare a short proposal outlining the proposed priorities we would work on together and how I would tailor my services to suit your circumstances. It is then your decision to accept my proposal, or to simply take the insights from my diagnostic tool and my best wishes for a successful future.

Of course, if you’ve already made up your mind and you’re ready to rumble, we can condense these steps down to suit your preferred pace of engagement!

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How would we work together?

Tailored to your situation

Once we have agreed to work together, how that actually happens can take a number of forms.

You might just need one workshop to deal with a particular issue or to set you on your way. Cool with me.

You may decide you want to meet with me for an hour or so every week, fortnight or month, for a specified period.

Or you could sign up for a series of workshops, of varying lengths, to set up comprehensive capability for superior business performance and a better business life!

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Let's talk about your business

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